The Blue Vixen Experiment

After almost two years of work, it's finally here: My second camera tracked vore animation involving Blue Vixen, and myself as her naive and arguably unlucky victim. I've been determined to create something similar but better than my previous vore film, motivated by both the appreciation of fans and the suffering of haters.

This project was a basis for testing new animation techniques and advanced visual details... such as using a green screen, refraction on fluids, and complex composite nodes. Since this animation got too demanding, not everything is quite as good as it could have been. From this point on I plan to focus on more advanced animation projects, as well as moving to the Cycles rendering engine.

Created with Blender 3D. Krystal model by Mikiel2171. Sound effects by Esther, Bart, MirceaKitsune. If you enjoy this video and want to see more, please like share and subscribe!

The Wall

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By Mircea Kitsune
Added May 10 '16

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