Blue Vixen's Snack

After months of work and over an year since starting the project, this animation is done. Blue Vixen's Snack is the first camera tracking short movie revolving around the subject of vore. Although it's far from perfect I like the end result.

Story: Blue Vixen wakes up early in the morning, she is hungry. She checks her fridge but it's empty. Suddenly, she gets the idea of finding something to eat online. After some searching, the surprising choice she comes up with is... me. The next morning I'm surprised by her visit, but once I know what it's about it's already too late.

This one took quite some work and editing, and is my longest animation so far. The outside scenes are camera tracked to place Krystal in the real world. The internals are real endoscopy videos from a dog, with the 3D hands animated in front. It's hard to estimate total render time since there were 21 sequences (17 edited in Blender) but overall it was less than 8 hours to generate the 3D videos at maximum detail.

Created with Complete credits and links at the end of the video.

The Wall

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By Mircea Kitsune
Added May 10 '16

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