mooo wolf's groups

Fatty preds
You eat a lot of furs, so you put on some weight, and your proud! It's a big, round trophy room, and it helps pin down new meals, adding them to your girth!
184 members
Anal Vore Enthusiasts
A group for those who enjoy prey being the literal butt of the joke. Backwards IS better than forwards, sometimes~
245 members
Oral Vore
For those who love the classic style of vore where the prey is eaten through their predator's muzzle!
446 members
Human prey or Hu-noms
For those who love a nice human for a snack, or for those who like playing them!
63 members
Human Pred lovers
A big brother group to human prey, this group is for those who love, or play as, human predators~
43 members
For those who have or just love big, round, firm bellies. A bit of give is good, long as they stay nice and spherical. Icon art by
114 members
Male Preds/Preys
Are you a male who wants another guy inside your belly? or vice versa? maybe you just wanna rub the prey filled belly of a pred? Whatever your reason, if you love male preds/preys, this is YOUR kinda place(Profile Pic Belongs to CANSON on Furaffinity)
207 members
Dragon Anal vore
this be a group for dragon anal vore ; )
42 members
The Bear's Den
Are you a bear? Do you like bears? Welcome to The Bear's Den.  A home for bears and bear-lovers of all persuasions :) [note:  the group image is a picture of a bear i found from pixabay]
26 members
Whether canon or not, say your goodbyes prey! Your life is not yours anymore!
116 members
Gassy Predators
For those who enjoy hearing a satsfied belch before or after they've been devoured.  Burps, farts, and stomach noises are what this group is all about.
42 members