Hunter's groups

Fatty preds
You eat a lot of furs, so you put on some weight, and your proud! It's a big, round trophy room, and it helps pin down new meals, adding them to your girth!
184 members
Cock Vore
The prime place for plush-balled preds who just can't resist the feelin' of a nice, huge preything wriggling down a shaft to fill out some nice plump nuts, sloshin' down into cum or not~. 
300 members
Oral Vore
For those who love the classic style of vore where the prey is eaten through their predator's muzzle!
445 members
Vorish Transformation
Wanna gain the features of the guys you eat? well, this group is for you, becoming a chimera of your past meals features, or literally becoming what you eat!
54 members
Forced Predator
Sometimes the dominant role switches, with the meal actually becoming the enforcer!  Forced predators enjoy being made to eat their fill, perhaps the prey forcing themselves inside, or being made to eat others.   It's a bit like force feeding, only with a lot more squirmy food!
78 members
Snake Vore
For those who enjoy being vored by a snake the most, or for those snake preds who love to devour lots of delicious prey.
125 members
Alien vore
For those who love to have a strange sentient being gobbling you down inside of whatever orifice they desire for you to go down. Xenomorphs, Martians, Four-eyed Alien Nagas and so many other possibilities.
73 members
Cock Transformation
For people who enjoy turning into a pred's big, fat cock, to get used to fuck, cum, or perhaps even swallow another prey!
68 members
Human prey or Hu-noms
For those who love a nice human for a snack, or for those who like playing them!
63 members
Vore Writers
A group for those who enjoy vore of the written persuasion. For writers and readers alike, if you enjoy a good vore story this is a group for you! 
91 members
Weight Gain / Stuffing
Like a little meat on your prey before eating them? Maybe you like stuffing a pred full so they can't eat you, or maybe so they will? Perhaps you like gaining weight after digesting prey? Whatever reasons you have for giving someone a much bigger midsection, this group is for you! Doesn't even have...
84 members
Male Preds/Preys
Are you a male who wants another guy inside your belly? or vice versa? maybe you just wanna rub the prey filled belly of a pred? Whatever your reason, if you love male preds/preys, this is YOUR kinda place(Profile Pic Belongs to CANSON on Furaffinity)
207 members
Text Vore Game Fans
A group for those who enjoy spelunking through a world of hungry creatures described with simply  words, ushering them to their fate inside a stomach, Text adventures hearken back to the old school days of gaming where images were created by your own mind
75 members
Regurgitation/vomit vore
Sometimes coming back up is just as fun as going down!  For those who like incorporating vomit and regurgitation into vore in what ever form that takes. Whether that be coming back out alive or spewing out bones and clothes.
34 members
Whether canon or not, say your goodbyes prey! Your life is not yours anymore!
115 members
For those who love being whole with their preds or prey. <3
177 members
Soul Vore
A Place for all those that enjoy Consuming souls, or having their souls consumed.  Willing, Unwilling, Forceful, Friendly.  All are welcome here.
35 members
Gassy Predators
For those who enjoy hearing a satsfied belch before or after they've been devoured.  Burps, farts, and stomach noises are what this group is all about.
42 members
The Cloggers
For those preds and prey who love nothing more than to churn (or be churned into) the next hefty dump. This group focuses on the filthy inevitability of vore, and associated functions of the body; scat disposal, urine, flatulence, etc.
41 members