Oliver Esca's groups

Anal Vore Enthusiasts
A group for those who enjoy prey being the literal butt of the joke. Backwards IS better than forwards, sometimes~
267 members
"...Come, return to where you came from, my prey...~" Whether warm, comforting and safe or hot, melty, and musky, this group is for those that wish to return to the womb, and those who wish for nothing more than to carry prey inside their most precious spot, feeling the warmth of life inside them~
168 members
Pudge Absorption
This is for people who love to get sucked and pushed into a pred's gut pudge, ass pudge. Any kind of pudge really. Come and join the fat~
55 members
Weight Gain / Stuffing
Like a little meat on your prey before eating them? Maybe you like stuffing a pred full so they can't eat you, or maybe so they will? Perhaps you like gaining weight after digesting prey? Whatever reasons you have for giving someone a much bigger midsection, this group is for you! Doesn't even have...
90 members
Femboy Prey
Sweet and slender, furry or human; Femboys always go down a treat ~
36 members
For those who love being whole with their preds or prey. <3
209 members