Arlo Nacht's groups

Temp and Permavore
For those who like there to be some added stakes...
241 members
Oral Vore
For those who love the classic style of vore where the prey is eaten through their predator's muzzle!
469 members
Human prey or Hu-noms
For those who love a nice human for a snack, or for those who like playing them!
64 members
Dragon vore
If you love dragons as prey or the predator this group is perfectly fit for you! c: (group icon is by Vorelord)
136 members
Profile Play
For those who profile play! This can possibly include:-Showing current tempvores and release date-Showing if you are tempvored-Showing changes to your body made by digested prey-Your mates and/or lovers-Pregnancies/incubation times-And many more! (image borrowed from Kalnareff's f-list at htt...
102 members
Sentient Endings.
Your body might be gone, but it doesn't mean your life is over.  Be it butt fat, gut fat, semen, or scat this group is for the preds and prey that believe your soul lives on in some form or another.
63 members
Preds Seeking Prey!
A group for predators looking for prey to RP with, or do whatever with. (NOTE: PREY CHARACTERS, DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP.) (Miles King is not a pred, he just made this group)
44 members
Male Preds/Preys
Are you a male who wants another guy inside your belly? or vice versa? maybe you just wanna rub the prey filled belly of a pred? Whatever your reason, if you love male preds/preys, this is YOUR kinda place(Profile Pic Belongs to CANSON on Furaffinity)
213 members
Sexual Predation
You know what's better than food? Sex. And you know what's better than food and sex? Your mate! Here this group is for those who like a meal or a place to rest after some hard humping! 
78 members
A place for those who are interested in absorption as a form of vore! Sit back, relax, and let yourself melt away!
63 members
Whether canon or not, say your goodbyes prey! Your life is not yours anymore!
122 members
For those who love being whole with their preds or prey. <3
192 members
Gassy Predators
For those who enjoy hearing a satsfied belch before or after they've been devoured.  Burps, farts, and stomach noises are what this group is all about.
45 members
The Cloggers
For those preds and prey who love nothing more than to churn (or be churned into) the next hefty dump. This group focuses on the filthy inevitability of vore, and associated functions of the body; scat disposal, urine, flatulence, etc.
51 members