Gabe Claire's groups

Temp and Permavore
For those who like there to be some added stakes...
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When prey is held in the stomach rather than being digested, either as a desire of the prey to not be digested or as an act of dominance from the pred.
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Fatty preds
You eat a lot of furs, so you put on some weight, and your proud! It's a big, round trophy room, and it helps pin down new meals, adding them to your girth!
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Pokémon Vore Enthusiasts
Are you a Pokémon who likes to fill your belly with your own kind, trainers and whoever else you may come across? Or are you just someone who likes eating and getting eaten by Pokémon? Well, this is the place for you. Gotta nom 'em all!
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Fat Pred Fans!
Are you a prey that enjoys a bit of meat on your pred? Do you have a soft spot for soft preds? This is the group for you! For all preys, switches, or even preds that enjoy it when the pred is big and fat! Whether you are/prefer preds with some chub, or are/love a one-ton predator, you're welcome her...
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Loving Predators
We're those predators that just want to cuddle you, and slide you down nice and easy. Even then our bodies do nothing but give you the most intimate and thorough embrace you can imagine. We are here to love, and be loved. 
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Dragon vore
If you love dragons as prey or the predator this group is perfectly fit for you! c: (group icon is by Vorelord)
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Human Pred lovers
A big brother group to human prey, this group is for those who love, or play as, human predators~
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For those who have or just love big, round, firm bellies. A bit of give is good, long as they stay nice and spherical. Icon art by
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Weight Gain / Stuffing
Like a little meat on your prey before eating them? Maybe you like stuffing a pred full so they can't eat you, or maybe so they will? Perhaps you like gaining weight after digesting prey? Whatever reasons you have for giving someone a much bigger midsection, this group is for you! Doesn't even have...
85 members
Preds Seeking Prey!
A group for predators looking for prey to RP with, or do whatever with. (NOTE: PREY CHARACTERS, DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP.) (Miles King is not a pred, he just made this group)
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Male Preds/Preys
Are you a male who wants another guy inside your belly? or vice versa? maybe you just wanna rub the prey filled belly of a pred? Whatever your reason, if you love male preds/preys, this is YOUR kinda place(Profile Pic Belongs to CANSON on Furaffinity)
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You're seated at a somewhat-formal restaurant, stomach gurgling as you wait for your food. God, has it only been 15 minutes, you wonder, scanning the room to see if your waitress brings any news. Just as you look around, the bunny girl walks over, carrying a gleaming silver platter. Setting the plat...
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Vore Motel
A group for preds and preys to come together with preds letting their prey spend the night (or week) inside their available "rooms." Come now while there are still vacancies!
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Couples in Vore
Consumption is fun, but it's even more entertaining to share it with someone else. Couples getting to play together before/during getting swallowed, or multiple predators toying with their prey!(Cover image a collab of Jace and Evalion- theres not much art using this idea.)
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Gassy Predators
For those who enjoy hearing a satsfied belch before or after they've been devoured.  Burps, farts, and stomach noises are what this group is all about.
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