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Temp and Permavore
For those who like there to be some added stakes...
233 members
When prey is held in the stomach rather than being digested, either as a desire of the prey to not be digested or as an act of dominance from the pred.
272 members
Fatty preds
You eat a lot of furs, so you put on some weight, and your proud! It's a big, round trophy room, and it helps pin down new meals, adding them to your girth!
187 members
Cock Vore
The prime place for plush-balled preds who just can't resist the feelin' of a nice, huge preything wriggling down a shaft to fill out some nice plump nuts, sloshin' down into cum or not~. 
309 members
Anal Vore Enthusiasts
A group for those who enjoy prey being the literal butt of the joke. Backwards IS better than forwards, sometimes~
252 members
Object vore
A little different from standard methods of vore. This involves swallowing inanimate objects, either small ones or big ones, from billiard balls to whole furniture! (Image by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/skylightx)
64 members
Oral Vore
For those who love the classic style of vore where the prey is eaten through their predator's muzzle!
455 members
Switch furs
yesterday, you ate someone, but now your in the mood to be eaten! you like both sides of the vore game, eting and being eating providing the same thrills.
122 members
Merging of bodies
Want to be digested but don't want to go away entirely? This is for you. Once you're digested, your body is safely merged into the pred's for as long as they deem fit.
57 members
Odd Vore
Tired of the same old thing? Ever wanted to be eaten by a foot or a tail? Then this group is for you! Become a paw pad of your pred. even get absorbed into his butt fat and even get eaten by his belly button!
105 members
Size play
You know, today I feel like looking up to those around me at a few inches tall. Yesterday I was big enough to slurp down handfuls of people and scoff at buildings. A group for those who enjoy a bit of sizeplay, from micro to macro, and all those in between who's height may be constantly in flux. ...
195 members
Forced Predator
Sometimes the dominant role switches, with the meal actually becoming the enforcer!  Forced predators enjoy being made to eat their fill, perhaps the prey forcing themselves inside, or being made to eat others.   It's a bit like force feeding, only with a lot more squirmy food!
80 members
Full Tour
For those who like it when prey get passed through the digestive tract without getting digested. Pic via Kitnip
142 members
Fat Pred Fans!
Are you a prey that enjoys a bit of meat on your pred? Do you have a soft spot for soft preds? This is the group for you! For all preys, switches, or even preds that enjoy it when the pred is big and fat! Whether you are/prefer preds with some chub, or are/love a one-ton predator, you're welcome her...
131 members
Navel Vore!
For those preds that consume others with their belly buttons, or prey who happen to find themselves traveling face-first directly into a belly! Whether it ends up in the pred's belly fat, or straight to their stomach, or otherwise!
70 members
The prey is digested and their mind/soul is preserved in the predator, but then the predator becomes pregnant, and the food they eat afterwards goes towards creating a new body for their prey. The predator then gives birth to their prey and keeps them as their new child. Mixes oral vore, digestio...
54 members
Loving Predators
We're those predators that just want to cuddle you, and slide you down nice and easy. Even then our bodies do nothing but give you the most intimate and thorough embrace you can imagine. We are here to love, and be loved. 
192 members
Cock Transformation
For people who enjoy turning into a pred's big, fat cock, to get used to fuck, cum, or perhaps even swallow another prey!
70 members
Dragon vore
If you love dragons as prey or the predator this group is perfectly fit for you! c: (group icon is by Vorelord)
133 members
Human Pred lovers
A big brother group to human prey, this group is for those who love, or play as, human predators~
44 members

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