Artium Yeshnikolv's groups

"...Come, return to where you came from, my prey...~" Whether warm, comforting and safe or hot, melty, and musky, this group is for those that wish to return to the womb, and those who wish for nothing more than to carry prey inside their most precious spot, feeling the warmth of life inside them~
164 members
Oral Vore
For those who love the classic style of vore where the prey is eaten through their predator's muzzle!
479 members
Snake Vore
For those who enjoy being vored by a snake the most, or for those snake preds who love to devour lots of delicious prey.
138 members
Alien vore
For those who love to have a strange sentient being gobbling you down inside of whatever orifice they desire for you to go down. Xenomorphs, Martians, Four-eyed Alien Nagas and so many other possibilities.
77 members
Vore Writers
A group for those who enjoy vore of the written persuasion. For writers and readers alike, if you enjoy a good vore story this is a group for you! 
94 members
Prey Looking for Preds!
A group for prey looking for predators to RP with, or do other things with. (NOTE: PREDS, DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP!)
97 members
Small Predators
Sizes can be deceiving! Sometimes it's the little critters you have to look out for, because those tiny gluttons will make you their lunch! Icon by SolidScale, give 'em a watch, their stuff is great!:
11 members