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When prey is held in the stomach rather than being digested, either as a desire of the prey to not be digested or as an act of dominance from the pred.
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Oral Vore
For those who love the classic style of vore where the prey is eaten through their predator's muzzle!
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Full Tour
For those who like it when prey get passed through the digestive tract without getting digested. Pic via Kitnip
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Alien vore
For those who love to have a strange sentient being gobbling you down inside of whatever orifice they desire for you to go down. Xenomorphs, Martians, Four-eyed Alien Nagas and so many other possibilities.
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Female Preds and Fans
A gathering place for those among us who prefer our predators with a feminine quality Regardless of whether they use a gentle touch or bear a savage hunger, we are here to celebrate the women among us with a penchant for predation! Feel free to share stories, artwork, or really anything that sho...
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Prey Looking for Preds!
A group for prey looking for predators to RP with, or do other things with. (NOTE: PREDS, DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP!)
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For those who love being whole with their preds or prey. <3
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