Furries Only Vore
A group for Furries and Scalies alike to enjoy meals without human involvement. Reccomended for those who don't enjoy human characters in vore RPs. No humans allowed.
2 members
Small Predators
Sizes can be deceiving! Sometimes it's the little critters you have to look out for, because those tiny gluttons will make you their lunch! Icon by SolidScale, give 'em a watch, their stuff is great!:
16 members
The Cloggers
For those preds and prey who love nothing more than to churn (or be churned into) the next hefty dump. This group focuses on the filthy inevitability of vore, and associated functions of the body; scat disposal, urine, flatulence, etc.
62 members
Mlp vore
For those who like the pastel colored pony's or are one to be there pred or there prey
14 members
Shape shifters
Anyone who can change there form pred or prey and can give there powers to there pred or prey.
12 members
Voregon and Mawshington
Northwest lovers of vore unite! It’s not like California isn’t going to eat us anyhow.
1 members
Poland Furs
Group for Polish Furs ;)
1 members
NomWorld Online: Gurglr
NomWorld is a large hub of different servers across the vore community. Each focuses on a vore-centralized chat and image sharing basis, with RP elements thrown in when possible. Currently, all the main work is on six Discord servers, while lite groups are dotted all over the web. This is the Gurglr...
15 members
Female Predators
A place for predators and prey who don't always like being swallowed by or swallowing men, sometimes the ladies deserve a shot at it too...
14 members
Gassy Predators
For those who enjoy hearing a satsfied belch before or after they've been devoured.  Burps, farts, and stomach noises are what this group is all about.
47 members
vore espanol
para aquellos voremaniacos que solo saben hablar spain o tambien conocen un poco de este idioma :3 
4 members
School settings
Things like teachers eating a student to help them get a passing grade, or jocks eating nerds behind the bleachers. If you like those kind of things, come over here. 
25 members
Office settings
Coworkers, bosses, office parties. This is the place to come if you're interested in eating or being eaten while at work. 
13 members
Vex Full Vore
Vex is a term I came up with for a special type of vore involving the following: Soft vore, digestion, perma vore [usually sometimes reforming occurs in special cases] and finally some form of post-vore / disposal. I will be submitting stuff at a later point to help explain what vex-vore RPs a...
18 members
Soul Vore
A Place for all those that enjoy Consuming souls, or having their souls consumed.  Willing, Unwilling, Forceful, Friendly.  All are welcome here.
42 members
Unique predators and prey
!!!-Disclaimer: I didn't make this to make others feel less or more-!!! I've seen some that stand out of the crowd so I thought I'd make a group for it. This probably won't work and it'll become a stupid idea. 
14 members
Gooey Group
A group for those preds that aren't entirely SOLID... Also a group for those that like to be held in a squishy, dripping prison!
26 members
. . .Now what?
This is for people who enjoy the idea of a predator finding themself stuck in some kind of situation, be it the prey leaves them too big to go through the door, they're stuck in some kind of trap and only realize that the prey could have freed them after eating them, or whatever else.
7 members
Plushie Vore
Soft! Nothing more fun than a soft cozy spot in a plushie's belly. For those who wish to have a nice soft spot to stay, or for hungry plushies, this is the place for you!
36 members
For those who love being whole with their preds or prey. <3
209 members

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