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VoreScore is a game in which preds and prey try to rack up the most points possible by eating each other!  This group exists both to serve as a place for the rules, and as a place to find others participating in the system!


Gurglr has recently added VoreScore and a Vore Log to your profiles. Click edit to see those fields.

Every player starts out with a VoreScore of 100.  When a pred eats a prey player, he adds that prey's VoreScore to his own.  In order to keep track of the source and accuracy of your VoreScore, please keep your Vore Log updated with any contributing meals. There are some modifiers which can increase the amount of VoreScore gained from eating:

Posting the RP (We suggest posting it to Pastebin, then including a link in your vore log): +50%

If the prey is tempvored: +5% for every day of tempvore.

If the prey is permavored: +500% 

If the RP involves a game to determine which character will actually be eaten: +10%

If you ate this prey for the first time: +50%

If the recently-devoured prey was the same prey that you last ate: -50%

It is our hope that these rules will lead to variety in RP, nice logs for us all to enjoy and plenty of mingling.  If you have any questions or just want to get started, post below.

  • Created: May 8 '16
  • Admin: Kimor