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Mayla Jul 29
you sure you can handle me like this, babe?
Liana Stone
Liana Stone Aug 1
"I think I can... unless you want me to stop..." I seem to say with my eyes, pausing my meal.
Mayla Yesterday, 01:48
*giggles* go ahead~
Liana Stone
Liana Stone Yesterday, 20:37
I let my mouth slide open, rounding your rear as I press your legs upwards. My lips slide over your rump as my throat jealously compresses around your tail. I’m forced to kneel as I use gravity to help you slide down more cleanly.
Aster Yesterday, 21:10
*I walk over to Liana’s table, a curious look on my blushing face.* Umm... what’s going on over here?
Mayla 5 hours ago
*giggles* nothing much, sweetie, just serving a customer~