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Gabe Claire
Gabe Claire Jun 13 '16
Hello! Just a fat, caring , loving draggy walking through! I'm in need of some buddies who can love me as much as I will love them! Hopefully they can also be used as food!
Rhyj Jun 13 '16
You seem like a pretty good guy. ;>
Vash Cheetah
Vash Cheetah Jun 13 '16
you seem nice enough.
Lazy Jun 13 '16
I'm here
Dara Jun 15 '16
Could I try too ?
Dakota Jun 25 '16
Eat me up, dude!
Wulfgar Jul 4 '16
I'm here to be your friends and food too! <3
Dakota Jul 6 '16
I'd love to be your buddy/snack!
Izana Kunigiri
Izana Kunigiri Sep 30 '16
im interested!
Bo Jan 5
I'll give you as much loving as you need, both inside and outside
Zach Pac
Zach Pac Jan 12
boar here who would love to be friends and/or food.
Grayson May 12
I can be a friend and food x3
Khaz Jul 8
I'd love to be friends & food! HMU for RPing anytime.