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Zana Scalekin
Zana Scalekin Jun 3 '16
So, just signed up (hi guys!), and I thought I'd jump straight into things! So, I'm looking for some guys (male, cuntboy or male-herm) to do some vorish fun with. I can be prey or pred, and we could do other stuffs too. If you're interested, lemme know! 


Tobias T.
Tobias T. Jun 3 '16
I wouldn't mind :) go ahead and pm me? 
Zana Scalekin
Zana Scalekin Jun 3 '16
Okie~! ^w^
Izana Kunigiri
I'm open as Prey and Dragon.  ^^
voide Jan 10
Willing to eat or be eaten here. Your call. :) would love for you to pm me, if you're interested.