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Ricardo Jun 1 '16
This forum seems a bit devoid of life, so I figure I should add a lil content to it. A while ago, me and my friend Leiton Grey made the first part of a text-based vore adventure. And it is now my privilege to wish you welcome to the jungle!

Step into the role of "You". An adorable little guy who fancies himself a great adventurer. In Advent Vore, you will have the chance to follow You on his adventure. Will you help him dodge greedy predators and strike it rich in the depths of the mysterious ruins deep within the jungle? Or will you let him stumble and fall into the clutches of the many predators who want a tasty mouse for dinner. Ah, who are we kidding. Poor You is doomed.

The text adventure is all male/male. There are two instances of cuntboy with accompanying unbirth, but they both self-identify as male. Besides that, expect to see more esoteric forms of vore to go with the common trifecta of AV, OV and CV.

To play the game you'll need the Quest client, which can be found here.
Quest Client Download:
To install it click "Download Quest 5.6.2" to download. Then move to your designated download location, and run quest562.exe.
Follow the install wizard and you'll be good to go.

After installing quest, you'll need the adventure file. Which can be found here.
Advent Vore Download:
Click "Download Advent Vore 100" to download. Then move to your designated download location, and run Advent Vore

Current release version contains the first day of You's adventure. This day has roughly 40 endings, with a bit of variance in many of the scenes, and one good end that leads into the next day. We have plans in the works for more days to be added later on. This way, you get to enjoy more story, more plot, more mystery... and the only thing you probably care about. More bad endings for poor You.

Authors for this project are Arath_the_rat and LeitonGrey, along with help from various proof-readers and bugtesters. Credits can be found in the game, so please check them out there.

Hope you enjoy your adventure, and please leave us your feedback.

If you don't want to download, we've got an online version which you can find at the following link.
Talonsaurn Jun 1 '16
You might try to put this in the text vore adventure group as well, can't hurt to share more quest adventures of nom, don't want to be the only one active there.
Kokishin Jan 6
Looks Great.  =^.^=