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Grey May 22 '16

Well, seeing as how there's already a forum discussing about favorite vore moments in video games, I thought it would be interesting to have one that focuses outside of videogames (mainly in the realm of movies, cartoons, etc). So here you can recall old memories or recollections of shows and movies that you used to watch or at least remember from the past. And Hey! who knows? even if you recall a small snippet of a show from the past, there's bound to be someone else who'll probably remember it and spark up that old memory once again.

Well...seeing as how this is the first EVER post on this forum, I'll start out this list.:

Movies (mainly animated):

Shrek: Now let's be honest. I bet a lot of us have fond memories of how Dragon (Awesome name for a character by the way) ended up swallowing Lord farquad near the end of the movie. Though I do find it funny how she even has the spare time to own a cooking book on how to prepare knights during the castle escape scene.

Pinocchio: This one seems like a classic in terms of fairy tales. A Living wooden boy who ends up in several troubling encounters discovers that his father's been eaten by a whale named Monstro? What does he do? Why simply go down and meet his father inside of Monstro of course!

The Pagemaster: Now this Movie is rather low in the animated popularity chart (That is if you've managed to watch some clips off of youtube reviews or the likes.), But in this film the main protagonist, Richard ends up being confronted by a ginormous sized Dragon near the end. In one great fit of bravery, Richard claims his fearless attitude towards the intimidating great beast...before eventually getting swallowed whole in one gulp. No worries though! he manages to miraculously escape minutes later.

(and that's about all the movies I could think of at the moment. ^__^; )

Now time for some shows. Since cartoons do seem to have many episodes focusing on Vore, I'll try to focus primarily on them.

Kaput and Zosky: Now this is a rather unheard of show. Heck, I'd be surprised if someone else on here even recognizes the name. The show mainly revolves around two irate yet bumbling world conquerors trying to leave their marks in history. In one episode 'The Insider' the two end up getting eaten by a massive one eyed, bird...like thing named Katherine. Inside, the two mainly cause some havoc inside her body as their soon coughed right out of her due to their reckless attitude.

Samurai Jack: One of my FAVORITE animated shows out there. While I vaguely remember the name of the episode. I do remember that the main protagonist, Jack, has to enter inside a dragons body to help out a problem in it's innards.

Now I'm sure there's plenty of vore located hroughout media out there, so feel free to post whatever findings or recollections you have of these things here. And while many of my examples might be animated focus, that doesn't mean the whole forum has to be strictly focused on animation.

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Badger Aug 22 '17

This particular cartoon had a very big influence on my interest in vore during my younger years


Vore throughout media of all kinds is one of my favorite subjects to talk about! Would like to see more folks share what particular media had influences on them, whether it be: Television, Movies, Games, Books, Comics, Whatever! I love it all!

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Donner Aug 23 '17
I can't recall when I saw that cartoon, but yeah, I liked that bear and wanted him to eat me too.  Lotta cartoon influences, for sure.  Tweety and Sylvester were common ones for me.  Loved seeing Sylvester with his mouth full of bird.  Tasmanian Devil is one of my major childhood crushes.  His whole "fuck it, I'mna eat ya!" attitude still gets me hard!  And that huge, thick tongue of his!  Damn!  I couldn't understand why Bugs didn't want to be eaten by him.  heh.
Badger Aug 24 '17
This right here is my favorite vore scene regarding The Tasmanian Devil: 


Not simply for Taz himself, but I'm also quite fond of Wendal T. Wolf. I kinda wanna eat the little bugger myself!

I've also found this rather awesome scene recently of Sylvester going through "The Digestive Process". Loads of fun!


I feckin love cartoons!