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Arlo Nacht
Arlo Nacht May 22

ohaiyou gozaimasu!

Pred, seeking food, long term rp's welcome. a 'short' rp with me assuming we are both on at the same time, and have sufficient time, is at least 2 hours.

I prefer oral vore, a bunny of simple tastes(pun intended). cock, anal, tailvore, absorbtion, and unbirth are available based on my mood and my character's current form. you can ask about other types, though i cant garuantee that ill want to rp them. my character CAN change. magic and all that. sex is VERY welcome. digestion and disposal are preferred, but not required. if you prefer it you are free to make it as detailed/disgusting as you wish. i have no limits there.

my main char is Arlo Nacht, a 5 ft tall bunny.

he CAN shapeshift, leading to more vore/sex options and scenarios.

i also have my new saurmorian bounty hunter, Krym Stahl, tho for him i am decided ly more into long term rp's with a story, a short term 'bounty' where your char is 'wanted' is also doable.

change the skin to crimson, the eyes to amethyst, and add a pair of nice armored dragon wings, and you have Krym. and yes, he is from the universe of TiTS.

i prefer to RP on telegram, discord is also available, details are available via PM.

im pretty much anything goes, for everything else, with non vore scat and WS, along with diaper and babyfur play being my only real main hard no's. other will be based on my mood, tho im usually open to try most anything once.

my posting tends to be on the verbose side, with many details, and descriptions, i like to paint a picture for my rp partners. no obligation to match me in post length, but i do require to put effort into posting, and not post things like 'i eat you' or 'that feels good'.

basically, look at each paragraph here, and that is my usual posting length. barring this one.

ty for your time.