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Tamashii Mar 25
I'm just curious about how you dicovered that you like Vore. In General and or something specific
Kruma Mar 25
I started out with this really strong attraction to vampires and out just seeing people kiss each other's neck. The though of having their warm wet lips on my body and then eventually I saw this weird picture of natsu from fairy tail eating micros in a bowl I thought it was weird at first but then I saw the picture from the inside of his mouth. It looked so warm and soft. At first I just thought I had a thing for natsu but that only lasted until I saw so furry vore pics. I thought they where cool but there was no where I was into people getting eaten that's ... death. Even then I wasn't to into it until I saw the attack on titan episode where Eren got eaten and I'll admit that i got hard as hell. I did some more research and found what it was and thats been a major turn on ever since
Dranga Mar 25
I'm pretty sure it was old cartoons for me, seeing bigger guys just swallowing them was what started it, and it went downhill from there..
Tamashii Mar 25
For me it was mostly cartoons, the main thing the that got me tho was the Waf-Full comercials
The Spider
The Spider Mar 26
The absolute earliest I can remember was the Number/Word Muncher games. I always wanted to play as a troggle and eat the munchers. While my imagination has never been that vivid, I still distinctly remember doing it, but as far as I can tell that game doesn't exist and it was just one I imagined playing. I seriously forgot about this until just now. I usually chalked it up to Rampage, but the Muncher games were definitely a bigger influence. I also had house rules to play as the Shark in Shark Attack and eat all the other players. Considering Spider Hunt, I'm sure that surprised exactly zero of you.