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Tamashii Mar 25
I'm just curious about how you dicovered that you like Vore. In General and or something specific
Dranga Mar 25
I'm pretty sure it was old cartoons for me, seeing bigger guys just swallowing them was what started it, and it went downhill from there..
Tamashii Mar 25
For me it was mostly cartoons, the main thing the that got me tho was the Waf-Full comercials
The Spider
The Spider Mar 26
The absolute earliest I can remember was the Number/Word Muncher games. I always wanted to play as a troggle and eat the munchers. While my imagination has never been that vivid, I still distinctly remember doing it, but as far as I can tell that game doesn't exist and it was just one I imagined playing. I seriously forgot about this until just now. I usually chalked it up to Rampage, but the Muncher games were definitely a bigger influence. I also had house rules to play as the Shark in Shark Attack and eat all the other players. Considering Spider Hunt, I'm sure that surprised exactly zero of you.
Ace Tigg
Ace Tigg Mar 29
A lot of cartoons.. and that freakin  Men In Black roach...I mean you get a perfect veiw down that throat and internal shots??? x.x

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Rob Holic
Rob Holic Mar 29
Where to begin... The board game Mr. Mouth, Men in Black one and two and their preddy villains, Xaiolin Showdown and the episode where the dragon eats everyone, Spirited Away and No Face, the gator from Billy and Mandy, Savio, Dr. Blowhole, and Kowalski from Penguins of Madagascar (Show), the snake from Chalk Zone, Cell and Buu from Dragonball Z, Giran from Dragonball (the lasso'n'gum), Ant Bully's frog scene mixed with the wasps' sexy size difference, the Toad from Flushed Away, the Mammoth and fat gnorcs from Spyro a Hero's tail, Crash Team Racing's Venus Flytraps, the Massive pit monster from mario kart double dash, Kaa, Rango's tongue from the commercial, some of the Die-O-Rama's from Crash Tag Team Racing (the yeti ones), the Sharks and Eels from Crash Warped, Jafar's Cobra form, the Anglerfish, Whale, Bruce and his Shark pals, and Gerald the pelican that ate Marlin and Dory Finding Nemo, Thumper and Hopper from Bug's Life, Venom's design from Spiderman, King Goobot eating his pet in Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (the movie), the shadow guy from Tmnt Fast Forward, Monster House, probably something in Totally Spies, Randall Boggs' personality, probably something in Ozzy and Drix or Osmosis Jones, Fat Bastard with his famous line and hairy ass, the farting Dragon from Samurai Jack, a giant black man in this one movie I can't remember, Flubber's conceptual implications, the Black Lagoon kids books, the Day My Butt went Psycho book with that swamp butt and all the anal vore, countless pokemon, and so many more...
Kraithus Jun 21
Interesting topic. 

I think I was aware it with Dragon Ball Z when Cell eats the androids with his tail, whenever I saw that scene I got a boner, I think that day many people get into vore. 

But it probably started much earlier with some Disney movies like the Hydra from Hercules, the Crocodile from Peter Pan, Kaa from The Jungle Book and even some old video games where I died on purpose to see how my character was eaten.

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