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Corlette May 16 '16
So I guess I'm just wondering how likely are you to tell people you know about vore. I mean I agree that it's private  thing but just wondering if people have told anybody else about it and how they went about it.

Arren Jevleth
Arren Jevleth May 16 '16
I was semi-open about it way back when, within the first couple years of my joining the local furgroup. I've become more private about it since then, basically not bringing it up unless I know for a fact the other person is into it, too. About the only exception was one of the people I used to work with (which, naturally, came up through a very interesting chain of conversations), and he was actually pretty cool about it. He was pretty open-minded about things in general, which definitely helped.

But, yeah, nowadays I'm pretty picky about whom I let know about it.
D.left May 17 '16
I've met some friends(who now I consider family) who accepted the fact that I like vore, as for how they came to know however...weeeelll let's just say they introduced me to someone who can literally solve my needs. We both agreed on doing it here and then and in the end, we fell in love. Now I can casually talk about it at any moment with them and even ask em if they knew someone else that could do the thing I do with my friend.

.x. That's basically how I did it. 

beasty May 17 '16
whenever i mention vore i only do so when people mention kinks acting like leather sado maso etc are like the thing and i explain that doesnt even scratch the tip of the iceberg and loads of stuff are kinks those are probably the only time i even mention vore out of my private space
Aino Phontas
Aino Phontas May 17 '16
I'm fairly private about it but when starting a potential new romantic relationship I make sure to bring up my character and kinks to ensure that I find a partner I'm compatible with
Cyrus May 18 '16
Depends in what company I'm with. I only really mention it around irl furries that I'm comfortable around, and even then I'm way too embarrassed to talk about it in public, be it the mall or at a hangout or whatever. Anyone else is a huge no-no to me.

Usually this kind of talk stays solely online for me, unless I've talked to said furries about it prior and they're not grossed out by it. Sometimes they tease me about it in person just to embarrass me, which I hate. xD
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Vinderex "The Gilded" Inauratus
I've mentioned it to my mother actually, and she's a little bit TOO okay with it,  enough that for quite a while she thought it was perfectly acceptable to bring it up in public, or mention "that one item I made that's earning me money online" to friends (it's a Vore system in Second Life BTW),  and then when I try to draw her away from the topic, she'd reply with "Oh, how about you explain it then?".   Yeah.... lol.  It was annoying as hell.

Besides that though, pretty much EVERYONE who's ever met me knows that I love dragons, and a great many know that I consider myself a furry/scaly.  As for the vore stuff though, only my closest friends know, and I've mentioned it to a psychotherapist too.  They all seemed totally cool, and even interested in it.
The way the topic came up with those friends though was actually through Starbound.  I mentioned that I'd been playing it a lot, and someone said that we ought to do some multiplayer some time,  to which I basically replied "Well,  okay, but there's this one mod I use that your should know about..."  talking of course about the vore mod.  :P
Vyada May 21 '16

I've actually been pretty open about it with some close friends and my younger brother who I'm close to as well. Luckily they don't really mind, besides I think my bro is into weirder stuff anyways.

But even then I still feel a bit estranged. They know and don't care, and even told me they didn't mind I was into it. But for some reason its always a big source of embarrassment and guilt for me.

Drazion May 21 '16
Ever since I got exposed to vore and the Furry communities 7 years ago I kept it completely in the dark not telling anyone mainly because I fear that no one will understand the inner consciousness of my mind and will automatically presume that I am mentally sick and a psychopath and wanting to conduct in depth tests to understand why I am this way.  I almost had my doors blown down and everything revealed by my father but he still hasn't discovered I'm into vore yet so at least it's still safe but I am definitely paranoid and highly secretive
Auri (Draco Auri)
Auri (Draco Auri) Aug 11 '16
I've told my girlfriend and a few other friends who I trust to keep it to themselves. They were weirded out a bit but in the end they didn't really care.
Swooce Aug 21 '16
I only tend to tell people about it in the fur fandom, or on sites like this/roleplay sites. I have a friend IRL who knows, but we're both weird people and into odd shit, so it kind of made it OK.
Colby Mar 29 '18
im pretty open about it, i mean i dont post it on facebook or anything but i dont hide it
Angel of the Wolf's
me if people ask i tell. i have 3 people right now in my school that i have gotten into vore and counting.
Angel of the Wolf's
my parents dont accept it so i do vore rp in secret
Xoto Apr 22
Only tell people you think won't judge you too harshly and do it like ripping off a bandade then quickly change the subject. If they judge you harshly screw them that person is not worth your time. Or you can pretend you stumbled across it on a website or that someone else is into it. Sometimes people will see right through you but at least that way you have plausible deniability.