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Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

Hey there friends, my name is Knell. I'm a male roleplayer who enjoys male on female vore, female on female vore, or creature on female vore (Snake/Slime). My preferred type of vore is unwilling same-size oral soft vore that ends in fatal digestion. Though I'm open to other types as well, s'long as scat, gas and hard vore aren't involved. I ain't afraid to chat vore stuff OOC wise too. So we can plot out roleplays, share images, etc. I'm game.

I'm 25, well over 18, so we don't need to worry about that. Naturally, I request my RP partner be of age as well. Though this doesn't need to apply to the muses. I'm a writer, so I enjoy literate roleplays. One-liners will not fly. 

I'm selective about anthro, but if your fursona is sexy enough and is female, I might consider it.

And I realize I'm making this sound more like a dating profile, but whatever. I like putting my all into everything, fetishes included. Anyways, if I sound like someone you'd enjoy roleplaying with, hit me up via PM.

P.S: Permavore is a must. None of that reforming/alternate timeline nonsense. We playing for keeps. 

P.S.S: I'm also seeking a girlfriend with similar vore tastes to me. -cough-

Add me on Discord here:
 Knell#0287 (Just send me a PM letting me know that you added me.)