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Kimor May 8 '16
VoreScore is a game in which preds and prey try to rack up the most points possible by eating each other!  This group exists both to serve as a place for the rules, and as a place to find others participating in the system!


Gurglr has recently added VoreScore and a Vore Log to your profiles. Click edit to see those fields.

Every player starts out with a VoreScore of 100.  When a pred eats a prey player, he adds that prey's VoreScore to his own.  In order to keep track of the source and accuracy of your VoreScore, please keep your Vore Log updated with any contributing meals. There are some modifiers which can increase the amount of VoreScore gained from eating:

Posting the RP (We suggest posting it to Pastebin, then including a link in your vore log): +50%

If the prey is tempvored: +5% for every day of tempvore.

If the prey is permavored: +500% 

If the RP involves a game to determine which character will actually be eaten: +10%

If you ate this prey for the first time: +50%

If the recently-devoured prey was the same prey that you last ate: -50%

It is our hope that these rules will lead to variety in RP, nice logs for us all to enjoy and plenty of mingling.  If you have any questions or just want to get started, post below.

    Swooce May 8 '16
    Neat idea!
    Kimor May 8 '16
    Yes, please create as many accounts as you'd like for alternative characters.  There are no limits to the number of accounts you can have.
    Swooce May 8 '16
    I will make another for my new character, then!

    EDIT - Issue is you need another email; I presume there's nothing you can do about that, since it can make spam?

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    Luke Delfino
    Luke Delfino May 10 '16
    My question is what the incentive is for prey-only characters. Obviously they'll like getting eaten just for the fun of it, but is there gunna be some sort of scoring system for those who get eaten as well?
    Phirae May 10 '16
    A second scoreboard for the prey-ish out there? That does mean we'd need a way to differentiate between the two, and possibly a combined score...

    I suggest PreyPoints xP

    Al May 10 '16
    i agree with Phirae. but the issue would be a sence of "inflation" like a common prey would easily boost the numbers for a pred so in cases like that maybe apply a point cap so eating then doest result in a 2000 point boost
    Kimor May 10 '16
    VoreScore is probably going to need some edits.  Just FYI to everybody involved, we'll probably need to do a reset in a week when we switch to the new system.  I'll be considering a lot of different options in that time.
    Kasu May 10 '16
    This seems like an interesting concept and I would love to get in on this
    Avery May 10 '16
    This is a really good idea actually. Both for trophy sake and helps the prey know if a preds experienced 
    Miles King
    Miles King May 10 '16

    Quote from Dajan Would there be any way to make multiple character profiles under the same username or same email? Even if it's limited to two or three?

    Seconding this idea. It'd be far too annoying if you're running two characters a lot of people interact with and having to sign in and sign out a lot.
    Jojo May 11 '16
    God I love it! What are the sorts of games you were thinking?
    Snowy May 11 '16

    Quote from Avery This is a really good idea actually. Both for trophy sake and helps the prey know if a preds experienced 
    To be honest, it doesn't necessarily denote experience simply because it could just mean they ate someone who is normally a predator. If they've only done one RP as a predator ever, but it happened to be with the guy that has a score of 1000, then suddenly he looks really high on the leaderboards, but he has no idea what he's doing. 

    Also, I'd like to second/third/whatever the whole comment that this is really oriented on predators and feels kinda unfair to prey. Not that most predators should be too worried about how their food feels once it's eaten >//>

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    Zach Pac
    Zach Pac May 11 '16
    this sounds fun! I am in, I will think of more permavore characters too
    Bright "Chimera" Dragon
    I almost feel like there should be slightly more involvement with the system than there currently is, but not as a statement to chastise or anything, more so one for trying to help set the foundations early on with suggestions.

    Just having "I ate someone, so I get X points" with varying degrees of bonuses looks nice, at first, but could easily be abused, misused, or made tacky, monotonous, and depreciated. Then again, it's that same vulnerability that makes it easily accessible and fun to use by just about anyone, so it's hard to say really what will happen in the end. I, personally, just want to look out for my fellow predators as well as making sure this method of 'competition' suits those partaking it!

    I'd go into more detail of what exactly to do points wise, but it'd be better for private discussion to bounce ideas, if desired.

    ~~ <3 <3 XXII

    Kelvin May 11 '16
    Why does repeat prey have such a huge penalty while permavore gets a ridiculous bonus? I feel like this system is biased and is punishing fans of safe vore, and that's bullshit.
    Sho Phaune
    Sho Phaune May 11 '16

    Quote from Kelvin Why does repeat prey have such a huge penalty while permavore gets a ridiculous bonus? I feel like this system is biased and is punishing fans of safe vore, and that's bullshit.
    ^^ So much agreed.
    Phirae May 11 '16
    Ignoring the specifics on catering to every kind of predator and prey for a sec, I just had a thought

    There should totally be like, tiers/levels at certain point boundaries. Or maybe just titles in general, like forums have for post counts, but based on your vore score?

    That's probably going to be annoying to figure how to get that to work out too, but it's just an idea~

    Kimor May 11 '16
    To reiterate what I've said elsewhere, we're going to be revamping the system soon.
    Philos the Fox
    Philos the Fox May 12 '16
    As an idea, it would be cool if there was another bonus gained by eating whoever ate you the last time, kinda like a 'payback' bonus.

    Maybe there could also be bonuses/rewards and a list of achievements, like 'First time doing CV' or '10 preys eaten'. It might make it a bit more interesting. X3

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