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Maukie Aug 18 '18
(A silly little post for a starter. Enjoy~)
Pounce. Pin. Puncture.

This was her method of hunting. The wandering Matriarch, having gotten a tad hungry a while ago, concludes her hunt with a final kill, leaping into the air and striking down another unfortunate deer - Pinning the cervine to the ground with her forelimbs, the matriarch bares her sharp, carnivorous teeth and lunges forth before sinking those chompers into the back of the creature's neck with a sickening 'crunch!' and a squeak from the cervine that was cut short by the swift blow. Waiting to assure that the creature was fully dead, the eleven-foot fiery spiderant proceeded to drag the fresh kill back to a spot in a clearing where a pile of fresh kill lied. It wasn't all too big, but it was enough to thoroughly satisfy the matriarch. Maukie, dragging the newest addition into the scene and tucking it into the strangely organized pile, proceeded to stand herself back from the pile of venison waiting to be feasted upon, before closing her eyes, lowering herself to the ground, and folding her forelimbs in front of her as she mutters some verses in a strange, alien tongue... this goes on for a minute or so before the matriarch opens her eyes. With that out of the way, Maukie opens her jaws, reaches forth, and begins shoveling about half of the pile of venison into her mouth before she pulls away, letting off several loud, wet 'gulp's and 'glurk's as she struggled to swallow the food down. One can see the kills making for a large bulge in the spiderant's throat, which slowly slides down her neck as she strains to swallow it down. Gllk... Glurrkt... Glooorpk... Eventually Maukie finally manages to shove that large cluster of meat into her belly, the bulge in her throat sliding into her pudgy stomach with a satisfying shlooorglbluorpslrrshkt. The Matriarch stood to repeat the process twice more, shoving another bunch of meat into her mouth and straining to gulp it down until it slides into her belly with another obnoxious slosh - That swollen sac of flesh between her hind legs has grown quite a bit, almost touching the ground already as it churns, sloshes, blurbles, and digests away at what was inside. Maukie huffs pleasantly - she was getting full... if only she could just reach that last amount of meat. Maukie seems like she could use some help. And some nice, vigorous belly-rubs~

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Izana Kunigiri
Izana Kunigiri Sep 11 '18
Wandering around aimlessly in the very same forrest, Izana looks around for any signs of Water or an exit, Having been wandering in circles for the past three or four hours and starting to feel a tad disheartened.  About ready to give up on finding either while not watching where he's going, the smaller fire dragon found himself walking into a still lake in the middle of a clearing before coming to his senses and drinking for a good long while from the lake happily, initially not caring about the amount of noise he's making, before pausing to listen as what sounds like gulping could be heard not far off.  Holding his breath, he dives under the surface of the water to make sure whether or not the coast is clear before making his next move, holding as still as possible while watching so the water in said lake has a chance to go back to the quiet stillness it had been just moments prior.  Small as he is, it wasn't uncommon for him to be mistaken as nothing more than a quick meal, despite his species.  Leading a rather nomadic life, Izana's form wouldn't be as well fleshed out as others of his kind, though he was anything but malnourished.  Maintaining his witheld breath, Izana continues to stare at the shore in the direction of the previously heard sounds for a number of Minutes. Though to him it may as well have been an eternity.
Maukie Oct 13 '18
(My dearest apologies for not being online in such a while! I've made a return, here's a reply-)

Peering in the direction of the sounds' source, Izana could see plenty of movement. Something large wriggling on the ground, seeming to reach for something else right in front of it. The sable-crimson beast appears to be pinned down by its own gut as it sliiiides the object in front of it closer to itself before parting its jaws, then shoving the limp object (objects, as it seems to pull in more than one) into its wide maw. With all of that done, the beast stands itself tall, rearing its head back with some more loud, wet swallows and such ringing out from its gullet as its prey was swiftly reduced to a mere throat-bulge that slides right down along the monster's strangely plush form. Izana could see those bulges add to the massive bloated belly just a bit, a distant 'shlorshk' just barely audible... the beast seems exhausted. It's panting, glowing tongue hanging from its jaws before it pushes itself onto its side with an audible 'thud'. Might all this be worth investigating?...

Izana Kunigiri
Izana Kunigiri Oct 13 '18
(no worries.  It's rather slow around here anyway.  xD)

Observing most of this from his place below the lakes surface, he starts contemplating on whether or not it would be a good idea to approach this figure.  After a fairly short time, however, the lack of oxygen forces his paws and he makes his way back to the surface, gasping at the fresh air for a few moments, Making his way to the shore and shaking the majority of the water off.  Whatever the creature in the distance was, It looked to be well-fed, even if he'd likely make quite the meal should they decide they're still hungry.  After sufficiently drying off, Izana slowly makes his way over to the strange creature, Head tilting to the side in curiosity.  "H-Hello?"  Oh how he hoped the creature spoke the common language.