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timobberon Apr 20 '18


Your boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend or the boy-whose just a friend. Either way, boy-toy, fuckbuddy, gullible victim, he trusts you and may even like you. You've known him for awhile now and have for some reason, perhaps up until now; decided to keep him in your life. He may know of your character's voracious nature and even like it, or it may be a dark disturbing secret.

Player Note:

I appreciate in-character approaches and fly by the seat of your pants plot creation. If you have an idea, tell me about it I'll be happy to listen or even help you flesh it out.

Default Description:

Age: 25+

Height: 6'0ft

Weight: 175

Build: Broad chested and lean. Average or healthy in muscular build.

Default Appearance:

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Auburn, kept messy and short.

Clothing: Often wears black skinny jeans and black dress shirts.

Tattoos: Sleeve tattoos on both arms, esoteric symbols and santa muerte themes.

Default Personality:

Trickster, "Deceitful, mischevious and playful.."

- Humorous, "Sees the fun in everything, sometimes sarcastically so."

- Rebellious, "Not one to take anything lying down. Does not follow the beaten path."


- Lawyer

- Thief

- Assassin

- Monk

- Priest

- Wizard

- Rogue

- Necromancer

Spirit Animal:

- Fox

Default Interests:

- Horror Movies

- Philosophy

- Alternative Music

Plot/Theme Ideas:

- Magical

- Urban Fantasy

- Dark\Horror

- Realistic

- Fantasy


- 1920's

- 1950's

- 1990's

- Present

- 2100+

Roleplay and Conduct Policy:


- Softvore

- Digestion

- Bellies

- Post-vore Disposal

- Realistic

- Belches

- Romance/Relationships

- Curvy Preds

- Booty!


- Cocks

- Undersage

- Unconventional Vore

- Cooking

- Timidity

- Incest

- Males


- Prey through and through. I can appreciate a switch, but I have no interest in being predatory.

- Teasing and Tension. If you are skilled with this, you are my favorite type of predator.

- Unless discussed otherwise, unwilling. I will not be crawling into your mouth. Earn your keep.

- Experienced role player.

Add me on Discord!: KadelLucian#5908