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Yogurt Mar 12
I'm not really one-sided when it comes to roleplay. I like to have both some sexual fun in roleplays, and story too. c: 

My characters have very long descriptions. I like being detailed about them so you know how they look, and you know about who they are as a person. (well, some of them, not all tell about them personally) However, it doesn't mean I'm so detailed in roleplay. There may or may not be oneliners, sometimes I have nothing to say so I'll just put a face like ":o" or type "..." for silence. I don't usually try to detail things so much, I'm in it for fun. Not like... writing a book. 

None of my characters are furry, except for... kind of one of them. (You'd know when reading about them) None are human either, though.

Types of Vore I like are: Oral Vore, Cock Vore, Anal Vore. 

Types of vore I accept (if you like them): Nipple/boob vore. 

1 character does tail vore c: 

Other kinks: I like weight gain, a lot of fatness/overweight, and inflation by liquid. All of my listed characters are predators, but it doesn't mean all possible characters are. I like digestion and gaining weight, so some characters may just exist to be eaten. So, it's preferred you either be a prey, or a friendly pred that would be friends with other ones. 

I FORGOT TO MENTION: Most of my characters are male. I am bisexual, and my preference is males too.

I am only contactable by Steam. I do not use anything else besides that. The link is on my profile.

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