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Jaymi May 13 '16
Doing pretty much the mass, generic vore topics, I hope it's not considered spamming, but hey, I figure we could use these threads. So, without further delay;

Which video game characters would you absolutely love to get voracious with? Pred or prey, any orifice or style. Particular species of pokemon, favourite characters from large franchises, or even characters whose main purpose is eating (there's a rather large amount of them), name 'em here!

Honestly I'm not sure I could name singular characters, though I know I've a massive list of Pokemon I'd love to get devoured by;

[quote]Charizard, Raichu, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Machamp, Muk, Gengar, Hypno, Lickitung, Jynx, Snorlax, Dragonite, Ursaring, Miltank, Blaziken, Swampert, Slaking, Hariyama, Mawile, Gulpin, Swalot, Skuntank, Emboar, Seismitoad, Krookodile, Garbodor, Zoroark, Pangoro.[/quote]

Sarah May 14 '16
I would give anything to be swallowed by Animal Crossing's Isabelle
Luna May 14 '16
I have complicated feelings about Lilac from Freedom Planet and I think I would feel safe riding inside of her.

Also Toriel. She's just so sweet and caring and protective. When I played Undertale I actually stopped at her house until a friend showed me a screenshot of the end.
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Tyler May 19 '16
So many lovely characters I'd love to be eaten by, Samus is a big one, as well as chun-li, widow from overwatch, the farm girl and all female companions from fallout 4, digest as well. The fire keeper in dark souls 3. I'd love for my essence to be pulled out of me via digestion by a little sister or big sister from bio shock 1&2, and Elizabeth from infinite. Many of the main characters from the assassins creed series would also be lovely. Eris from Destiny, the plain doll from bloodborne. Link and many characters from legend of Zelda, a random traveler won't be missed and refills those heart containers. Bayonetta for sure as well. The lust of bellies and other digestive sacs goes on that I've fantasized about.
Axel Jun 10 '16
I would love to be dinner for Ratchet from ratchet and clank.
Ren Jun 11 '16

Lot of generic things, Samus, most of the Smash bros cast, pokemon, digimon, zoids, ect....but also. 

Pippin Jun 11 '16
Isabelle from Animal Crossing, ALLOT of pokemon, Hooktail from Paper Mario:TTYD and Blizzagia from TLOZ: triforce heroes. 
Cane McKeyton
Cane McKeyton Jun 11 '16
Without a doubt, Freya from FF9
Vinderex "The Gilded" Inauratus
Just about any dragon who isn't a pompous asshole like Alduin or Smaug.  :3

A few favorites though would be White Fatalis,  Paarthurnax, and Charizard.

Auri (Draco Auri)
Auri (Draco Auri) Aug 11 '16
Ugh, there's a whole list of bellies I'd like to digest in. I'd love to be prey for Bowser, Paarthunax, a Deathclaw, Riptor, and Alex from Tekken, Wolf from Star Fox, King Dedede, and Derkeethus from Skyrim.
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Logan Hier
Logan Hier May 9
Bowsette and gardevoir