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Ghost Mar 16
The thing about the heart not beating anymore isn’t quite true. I’m sure everyone remembers the show swallowed alive? The snake had started to try to swallow him once he quit moving. And there have been a few incidences where a snake will swallow a sleeping alligator or deer, and when the creature wakes up it ends up cutting its way out.
Donner Mar 18
You may be right about the heartbeat thing - I'm just goin' off crap I read on the internet (and we all know the internet doesn't lie!!!), but that "Swallowed Alive" show was a waste!  Plus, they smeared the dude's armor suit with bacon (not bacon, but some scent) to get the snake to eat him. But even with the armor, the snake nearly crushed the guy to death - which is why they stopped it.  And again - that's the problem with snakes!  If only there were a way to communicate with the snake that it gets a free meal if it doesn't crush it first! 
Ghost Mar 18
It was a waste just to air that show. I’m sure we could find a way through research and experimentation. Just need a willing test subject, people to chip in for the snake, and some strong people in case the snake decides to start wrapping up its meal. Any volunteers?
Kevin K
Kevin K Oct 11
Send it, I’m in ????
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