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Sheela Dec 17 '17
Hello everyone! My name is Sheela, or Zinnia as some may know me by. I am dropping in to provide you all with a short little survey regarding the vore community of which we all know and love! The survey is designed to ask you a variety of questions, from gender to race to personal vore preferences, and it is completely anonymous! These statistics will be gathered and dispersed back on this community, so people, if curious, have the results to look at. It also may help me in my research on these kinds of things!

It is very quick, and simple to fill out. Please answer truthfully, and be aware that even I cannot see who wrote what.

NOTE: All joke answers will be deleted. Again, please try to be serious!


Second part of the survey. Dabbles more into the history of how you came across vore and why it interests you.

Connor The Braixen
Connor The Braixen Dec 18 '17
Well I filled out the survey, since I found it interesting.