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Kaa Aug 18 '17
My belly is in need of more then a few delicious treats, preferably ones making a permanent stay. Obviously I'm fond of hypnotizing my prey, but it's far from necessary. I'm more then capable of coiling around and devouring my prey without it, it just makes it easier for me. I'm very fond of pre-vore sex and post-vore scat, but neither is required either. I'll eat women of any species, but I prefer humanoids in general. They go down easier.
Jane Nov 1 '17
mmm tasty late 20s human female prey willing, unwilling or hypnotised your choice
Skystar Mar 23 '18
I'm human with a fat ass and big boobs I'll take any thing

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Skystar Mar 23 '18
Oops I forgot to say hi

Salacia Sep 30 '18
I'd love to be meat in your tummy, hit me up~
Lilly Winter
Lilly Winter Dec 11 '18
I would love to meet up an help ya with that empty belly~