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Pot-Belly Chris
Pot-Belly Chris May 12 '16
Hey everyone. Chris here. I'm feeling famished right now and wanted to know if anyone here wanted to fill that empty hole in my stomach. I'm not choosy at all. Everyone is welcome inside my belly.
Makoto May 12 '16
I'm curious, and I hope I'm not being offensive, but what are you? A human? It's hard to tell with no pictures or info. x3
Lukan Shadowpaw
Lukan Shadowpaw May 12 '16
Smiles and blushes "I'll happily fill that empty belly."
Jaymi May 13 '16
My my my, how fun you sound~ Let me know if anyone of my guys catches your interest!
Zach Pac
Zach Pac May 14 '16
IF you're interested ina chubby human or boar let me know!
Drazion Jun 21 '16
You have my attention chris:)
Jaymi Jun 21 '16
Ohhhhhhhh~ lookit that gut @w@
Suede Jun 21 '16
Hehe would love to p
Phos Jun 21 '16
I could use a nice long nap~
Dakota Jun 25 '16
I wouldn't mind getting gulped.  PM me if ya wanna eat me.
Wulfgar Jul 4 '16
I'd love to end up in your belly! PM me :3
Canas Renvall
Canas Renvall Jul 5 '16
Certainly interested! :)
Tobias T.
Tobias T. Jul 13 '16
I'm interested, sign me up :3
Copper Jul 29 '16
I hope you're still accepting prey! I wouldn't mind filling up that gut
Phase Duskclaw
Phase Duskclaw Jan 5 '17
I'd love to fill ya up!
Tai Mar 29 '17
I'd gladly fill that spot x3
Grayson May 12 '17
I'd happily fill your gut
Trent Feral
Trent Feral May 21 '17
Feel free to hit me up if you get hungry
Khaz Jul 8 '17
Feel free to hmu! I'd love to RP!
Jane Aug 11 '17
inside your belly is my destiny
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