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Kimor Apr 8 '17
Alright, to combat the bot problem, I've appointed Donner, Johnny, Arkady and Roy as moderators.  Be sure to thank them for their service and respect their decisions.  If anybody has an issue with one of their decisions, please message me or send me a message on FA or Telegram.  I'm going to try to check in here semi-regularly, so I can address anything that comes up.
Donner Apr 8 '17
My thanks to Kimor for trusting me with this responsibility (and just bein' a studly dude in general. Haw!).  I've cleared out a number of the bot accounts, but if you see any I missed, or if any sneak in, let me know!  If we can't eat 'em, we don't want 'em here!  Haw!
Roy Apr 9 '17
Seems much has changed when I was gone, I am pleased with your decision and so I shall honor my word. Though hours are a bit tight this week, so I haven't been able to be on as often as I'd like. Much like Donner I will done the same. Once again, thank you for trusting us with this responsibility.
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Nerezra Fang
Nerezra Fang Apr 13 '17
Congratulations to the new mods!
Roy Apr 13 '17
Thank you I shall try my best to help out! :)
Nerezra Fang
Nerezra Fang Apr 13 '17

Quote from Roy Thank you I shall try my best to help out! :)
*Gives a salute to the new mod*
Roy Apr 14 '17
Haha, no need, I'm not all that. *Chuckles lightly at your reaction*
Gramzon Wingard
Gramzon Wingard Apr 25 '17

Quote from Miss Kit The new additions to moderates are appreciated, though I personally feel that more could be done with the site to keep it healthy and active with more users. A suggestions forum could be good for that, if you'd think it would help the website any for people to share their ideas on how to make the site expand. see the suggestions thread here