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Talonsaurn May 28 '16
Ah trophy collecting, not sure if I coined that term, but was using it before it was hip, another question though, Multiple characters, should it be done just as mentions in your profile? don't know if you'd want a half dozen members inflated by just being alts.
Venom Jun 4 '16
Are we allowed to play as canon characters or is it prefered that people use OCs?
Bitesize Jun 21 '16
I really don't want to do this before asking first, is it alright to post up a RP as for another site?
I would simply like to boost the numbers in a vote site but I will not if it is seen as against the rules
Also in case it is the site which is in question the site is the hungry pokemon forum.
HunBun Sep 4 '19
I feel stupid for asking but how do I edit my profile?
Donner Sep 4 '19

Quote from HunBun I feel stupid for asking but how do I edit my profile?
When you're in your profile page, move your mouse into the data area and a small box will appear in the upper-ish right corner.  Not sure if it's the same for mobile.
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