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The Spider
The Spider Dec 5 '16
This is a simple 4-v-1 game in which a party of  adventurers will attempt to hunt down the spider who devoured a nearby village. The party consists of four different classes, each with it's own unique abilities and traits. They win by defeating the spider. Coversly, I win by devouring the entire party, or escaping successfully from the cave.

The Classes


Escape Roll: 1d6
Speed: 1

Attack: A standard attack. Roll 1d6,  if you roll 3 or greater you deal a single damage to the spider.

Silk Slash: The fighter may use their sword to free an ally from webbing.

Mighty Swing: The Fighter deals 2 damage per successful attack.

Fortitude: Once swallowed, the fighter may roll 1d6. On a 5 or 6 they will struggle free and be disgorged.


Escape Roll: 1d3
Speed: 2

Fire Ball: The mage may fire a flame spell to destroy web nests.

Revealing Light: The mage may reveal if the spider is hidden in the shadows.

Squishy: If rammed by the spider, the mage may not act next turn.


Escape Roll: 1d2
Speed: 2

Healing Aura: Cure one ally of all status ailments.

Defensive Ward: The target character may not be swallowed next turn.

Delicious Treat: The spider will often target you first, your escape roll is terrible, and if swallowed you are immediately digested with no chance of rescue.


Escape Roll: 1d4
Speed: 3

Stealth: Until you take an action in a room, you may not be targeted by the spider.

Backstab: When stealthed, your attacks do double damage.

Talk To The Ass: If your backstab misses, the spider will immediately attempt to anal vore you.

And finally myself.

The Spider

Health: 20
Speed: N/A (If stealthed he always attacks first, if in the open he always attacks last.)

Stealth: When the party enters a room the spider is inside, or he enters a room they are in, he may choose a hiding place. He will remain stealthed until found, revealed with a skill, or he uses an open attack.

Ram: Rams the opponent, sending them flying. They take the "fatigue" debuff, reducing their escape roll by half for the next 3 turns.

Web pull: Pulls a targeted enemy into the shadows using webbing. The Spider rolls 1d6 and if he rolls 4 or more, he is not unstealthed, and the victim is cocooned in silk.

Devour: The Spider attempts to swallow the victim. He rolls 1d10 and they roll their escape roll amount. The higher number wins. Once a character is swallowed, their allies may free them by dealing damage to the spider. After three turns they will be digested and are out of the game. The spider regains 5 health.

Disposal: After successfully digesting the victim, the spider may choose to belch out their bones. The other characters must roll 1d6 and achieve 4 or more, or lose their next turn in terror. If all other players are alright with scat, the spider will instead release a massive log of scat and bones. Otherwise the effect is the same.

Web Nest: If no other characters are in the room, the spider may build a webnest. While inside it he can shrug off weak attacks. When choosing to attack him, he rolls 1d6. On a four or greater the attack fails.

Flee: Once the spider hits 5 health, he will begin to flee from the party. If he successfully escapes the cave, they lose the game. They must take him down in time. He may not stealth while fleeing.

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Jin Dec 7 '16
This is a really impressing thought! I like the idea of turn based combat and I'll post something in hopes of staying updated.
Avery Dec 9 '16
I would love to be Rogue...wheres this gonna take place?
Roy Dec 14 '16
A spider you say? Well I've surely never seen one of those lurking about here, but you know what they say "There's a first time for everything". I think I'd fit the role of mage in this.
Evergreen Chrysalis
Looks like fighter is open. I'll take it if the rp is also open
Evergreen Chrysalis
Looks like fighter is open. I'll take it if the rp is also open
Evergreen Chrysalis
Looks like fighter is open. I'll take it if the rp is also open
Evergreen Chrysalis
Looks like fighter is open. I'll take it if the rp is also open
Evergreen Chrysalis
Looks like fighter is open. I'll take it if the rp is also open
Avery Feb 5 '17
Sounds like weve got a party...Discord anyone? Or...?
beasty Feb 18 '17

Daniel Conde


Sanch Mar 19
I’d be interested in playing or being a rogue if this Still can happen or if anyone wants to do something similar to this.
The Spider
The Spider Mar 26
Wow, I totally forgot about this site, saw the mention on the Eka topic though and I'm of course up for being the spider if you get a group together.