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Gurglr - Find New Friends Here!

New mods!

I've appointed Donner, Arkady, Johnny and Roy as moderators. Please thank them for agreeing to help with our bot problem!

Gurglr Site-wide Chat

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May 21
Hmm...I suppose there is a lack of media of latch onto as well as possibilities to draw relations.
Rob Holic
May 19
Yeah I know what you mean, Donner. I often come here to see no one has been chatting. Though sometimes I'm part of the lurking problem.
May 19
Too quiet around here! Y'all aughta speak up!
May 10
Now yer walkin'? Make up yer mind! Haw! HAW!!
May 10
Ha, I definitely walked into that one.
May 10
Careful runnin' there. Ya don't wanna trip over yer sheet. HaW!
May 10
Alrighty. I'm mostly back up and running. *Yawn*
Rob Holic
May 7
I also volunteer Will~ owo
Retro Coyote
May 6
i volunteer owo
May 5
Help I need people to eat
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