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Vinderex "The Gilded" Inauratus
Yesterday, 15:05
You sure that's just a cold? o.O Sounds more like flu or something if it's lasting that long.
Yesterday, 14:03
Sick x.x Been fighting a cold for almost 2 weeks now
OneMoreDragon (Johnny)
Yesterday, 12:49
So how's everyone doing today?
Oct 17
Heya party bear! How's it going?
Oct 17
Zach Pac
Oct 13
Hope everyone is well! If you wanna chat to a chubby prey who is working on making multiple characters message me on discord: Riranor/Orik#2011
OneMoreDragon (Johnny)
Oct 13
You need to be the owner or commissioner of any pic you post, or have permission to post it from the art owner
Oct 11
Came by here a year or two back, but didn't stick around as I usually play canon characters and I didn't get a response to some early questions on it. What is the policy towards using images of canon characters, fan art, etc?
Ace Wolfy
Oct 9
woof :3
Oct 9
hi there
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