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Izana Kunigiri
27 minutes ago
Izana Kunigiri
28 minutes ago
xP now only to gind a Pikachu to run the test. *Taps Clipboard*
Hiroto Daisan
31 minutes ago
I thought I was grading a belch, derp! Server=indigestion. Pikachu, though.. >_>
Izana Kunigiri
42 minutes ago
Or a Pikatchu?
51 minutes ago
Does that mean having him eat a server?
Hiroto Daisan
one hour ago
*Holds up 9.2/10 sign. Very good!*
Izana Kunigiri
one hour ago
I Vote Hiro as Guinea Dragon to test that. XD
one hour ago
*Stretches and lets out a loud belch* -UuuuuUrrrrRrrrRrp- Evening folks
18 hours ago
Hiroto Daisan
Yesterday, 22:01
A Pikachu probably puts out a lot more than the 5 volts max used for data stuff!
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